Swift and Bassi Ranches, Union Valley, California

Swift Ranch holdings, Union Valley, California February 1959. Rufus Swift owned all the Swift holdings on this map including Lower Bassi and Upper Bassi Ranches acquired earlier from the Bassi Estate. His holdings within the boundaries of the new lake at Union Valley were purchased by SMUD in order to build the dam and power houses on Silver Creek  and its branches in Union Valley.

Swift Ranch Holdings

The Swift Ranch Holdings map kindly shared for the website history by Michal Kuhl, Swift and Upper Bassi Ranches.

1875 Survey Plat Union Valley, California

The above map image of part of Union Valley is from the original survey plat completed in 1875. When this area was originally surveyed in 1875, the Swift Ranch located in the bottom left block of Section 16 showed the ranch building was owned by Palmer. Rufus Swift acquired this ranch and his holdings in Union Valley in the early 1930s. In addition to the original ranch building, there was a barn and a milk barn there when the surveyor walked this property in 1875. The Bassi Ranch or Lower Bassi Ranch is shown as well in upper left block of Section 14 and identified as ‘House.”  this building remained until Union Valley was filled with water in the very early 1960s. As you can see these ranches were located very closely to the main road called the “Georgetown and Carson Valley Road which went from Georgetown and cut into the Placerville to Tahoe road in the area of what is now Fred’s Place and remained in use till Union Valley was filled with water in the early 1960s.

The following pictures are of the remaining ranch building at Swift Ranch on Swift Cove on the Northwest side of Union Valley Res. Michael Kuhl of Swift Ranch  and Upper Bassi Ranch very kindly showed me around the ranch building and ranch during late June 2010.

Michael Kuhl of Swift  and Upper Bassi Ranches, Union Valley, California, June 2010