Mike Brattland's 1938 Willys Pickup Build Pictures / wb49


This rear end came out of a 1971 Ford T-Bird donor car....it was a wreck....I saved the 429 motor and the rear end. It is a Torino style 9 inch housing and came with Big Bearing 28 spline axles. I made my on calculations on overall width required for my Willys project and then delivered the clean bare housing plus both axles to Currie Enterprises in Anaheim, having them narrow the rear housing, shorten and respline both axles. This housing along with the 4.57 gears trac-lok differential and 28 spline rear axles have handled the 4speed gear box and 500 horsepower and torque from the Big Block Ford over the last 5 years and 11,000 miles. I recently (Fall, '04) swapped in a brand new set of Currie Enterprises custom built 31 spline axles along with a new set of 3.89 gears, trac lok of course. I bought the traditional fill cap and welded it along with a drain plug into my own housing saving myself further money during the build process.