Mike Brattland's 1938 Willys Pickup Build Pictures / wb4


After picking the car up in Huntington Beach, we hauled it back to San Diego, stopping at a scales in San Diego to weight it.....It weighted about 1960 pounds complete, minus the original radiator, gas tank and the rubber on all four wheels, which were the only missing parts on this all original 1938 Willys pickup which started life in Colby, Kansas, then was passed to Colorado, then to Dallas, Texas, before being sold to a guy in Huntington Beach, Ca. This fellow tried selling the car and the spare front end at the June and August, 1995 Pomona Swap Meet without luck. I was planning on attending the August 1995 Pomona Swap Meet, but at the last minute missed it. My best friend, Pete Cowper, from Visalia, Ca attended and saw the pickup. He spoke with the owner, getting the information on the pickup and giving it to me after the swap meet. I realized after talking to him, when he mentioned the funny writing on the truck, it was the same truck which was advertised for sale in the GASSER GOSSIP in April 1995 in Dallas, Texas. I had called about it, but it was too far away. So I immediately called the Huntington Beach owner, made a deal and went and collected it.