Mike Brattland's 1938 Willys Pickup Build Pictures / wb165


Mocking up the brake and clutch pedals. I am using a Neal Products alum pedal mount mounted to a fabricated steel mount attached to the inside of the frame. It uses a AFCO slave master cylinder attached directly to the Neal mount with a 87 Lincoln 4WDisc brake master cylinder remotely mounted approximately 24 inches behind the pedal mount. The bracket for the master cylinder has to be substantial...3/8 inch steel so that their is no deflection. The pedals themselves were spares from another project. The actual pedals were actually made out of 3/8 inch thick steel with pedal pads the size of original Willys pedals so original Willys pedal pads could be used. These are not shown in this picture but will be seen in later pictures of the more complete pickup.