Mike Brattland's "San Diego Car Guys E-Mail List"


I have renamed the old Over The Hill Gang Car Club Yahoo Groups List, San Diego Car Guys. This was done since the list was always mine personally and the club never made use of the list. Over the years , this list has collected a lot of old OTHG Members as well as other car folks here in San Diego and will remain that way. I have over this time used the list to share car related information and events and will continue to do so. This list is open to anyone in the greater San Diego area or elsewhere who has car interests and might want to join the discussion or share project information, offer cars and parts or share event information.

Information on subscribing or unsubscribing to the list is below

subscribe to the San Diego Car Guys mailinglist E-Mail/Discussion List

The Over The Hill Gang San Diego Car Club   discussion list is now gone and has morphed into the San Diego Car Guys E-Mail list open to any car person, local San Diego car club member as a  information exchange, technical exchange, discussion, political issues as to our vehicles, events, project photos, event photos, vehicle photos, parts and cars for sale and wanted for hot rods, street rods, restored cars, muscle cars &racecars-All makes and models of cars. You need to join the list to post and exchange with other San Diego Car Guys List Members.....It is easy to subscribe....and equally easy to remove yourself if you decide too.
If you have any problems doing either contact your local San Diego Moderator, Mike Brattland  who is the webmaster for Good Ole Boys San Diego, Over The Hill Gang San Diego, West Coast Willys Club, The Big 3 Parts Exchange, OverDrive Hot Rod News among others, who can  send you an invitation if needed or remove you if you are having trouble removing yourself.
Please feel free to use this as a forum on car related activities, etc. in the greater San Diego area. Enjoy.  mgb  Mike Brattland